Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laurie Loves: Catherine Malandrino... AGAIN! (...with Video!)

Yes. Again.

Why?  Because after cutting my video of her LA fashion show at her La Cienega Store Maison, I started to write down all the brilliant words coming out of this fashion designers lips.  And let me tell you... these are words to remember.   So I'd like to share them all with you:

Here are my favorite quotes and musings from 
Catherine Malandrino:

"I was thinking about wrapping fabric in a different way that feels very effortless."

"I think every one should own some dress in a crochet."

"I want to go into an experimental nomadic lifestyle where a woman is free to travel the world and express her own personality through clothes and through their travels"

"I love the vest that look like jewelry pieces.  They become not just the clothes but they become an accessory."

"It is the idea of making it effortless but beautiful at the same time."

"I like the idea that the woman has to stay elegant, like a queen."

"At this moment I am more inspired of Polynesian beauty like the beautiful and timeless femininity of the Polynesians girls. "
"Every woman needs to have chiffon dresses in her wardrobe."

"I love to give a timeless quality to clothes."

(shot by my flipcam)

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