Friday, June 11, 2010 = facelifted, healed and looking fabulous!



Friday, May 28, 2010

The Hair Transformation. Part 2: Hairroin Salon

So I totally planned for having a video of this whole process and after reviewing the footage, I've decided that...  Pictures are a better representation.   Especially considering there was something significantly wrong with the video sound quality and I sounded like I had a lisp.   Hilarious!

In anycase.   Something I've always known about myself is that I am extremely impulsive about my hair.  On the day that I feel that I need to change it,  I absoutely MUST do it that day.  It's one of those funny psychological reactions that happen when in life you feel like your stuck about something and you need to change, but you can't change?  Guess what can?  Your hair.  It's true for me.  How about for you all?

 That actually wasn't the case on this particular hair cut day.  Let's cut to a March... Me at the simply stylist event.  Remember this?  click here.  I was oh so fortunate enough to get a free (FREE!) haircut by the amazing Sully who was there with Harrioin Salon.  She gave me the best cut I have ever had.  And when those bangs started to grow out (before picture...) it was time to go get an amazing cut again!  And Sully totally out did herself!     

I wanted bangs, I wanted a pop of neon color (inspired my my friend Bekah who died her hair hot pink for Purim... yes... Purim... the Jewish Halloween) and I wanted to be edgy. Ask and ye shall recieve!    So what do you guys think of my new do?

Thank you to Janine Jarmon from Hairroin Salon for letting me take some pictures and have a fun morning adventure!   I recommend you swing by! Call  323-467-0392 to make an appointment and visit the website at

Here are some more pictures from the day!  Enjoy!  ...and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 
Sully and me! 
 Janine Jarmon (From Shear Genius Season 3) and me! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Hair Transformation. Part 1 - All over dye

Hello before and after.   I typically dye my hair bright red every six months.  It washes out super fast but I still keep doing it.  Actually I've been dying my hair every six months since 1998.  I guess that is what happens when you leave home for college and true independence takes it's reigns.  Well I've never done blue or anything, but I've mastered dying my own hair from a $9.00 box.  And that is something to be said for!

What my color?  It's the same color I've used for years.  L'oreal Feria Color #56 Brilliant Bordeaux
The funny thing is:  I've been using this color since they first launched it with Milla Jovovich as the hair color model. (UPDATE:  Actually it was number #67 that Milla Covered and I used to wear! I think I lost my color way some years ago after they replaced Milla's face.  Shame on them...   I guess I know what I'm doing next with my hair...)

Stay tuned!  Part two is coming up!  The Haircut!

Friday, May 21, 2010

What I wore: BCBG Shopping Event

Picture taken by Felix from Lookbookla.. but on my camera ;)

Now what ever Felix did to make me look tall... Genius. Look at those looooong legs!   This was a last minute outfit throw together that ended turning out to be one of my newest favorite fashion confections!     It's the perfect mix of old and new, high and low and all Laurie B.  So here is the rundown:

Top to bottom:
Feather earrings:  Betsey Johnson 2008
Mesh Necklace:  Vintage Whiting&Davis
Gold elongated necklace strand: Intuition for Target
Black pleated bubble hem tank:  Daisy Fuentes for Kohls (oh yeah, and I designed that baby back in 2006 and was instores Prefall 2006...if i remember correctly)
Yellow Lace Cardigan: Rodarte for Target
Belt:  Vintage NYC Goodwill 2002
Printed Skirt: Banana Republic 2009
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson
Ikat clutch: A gift for my birthday in April from my awesome friend Rachel!

I believe this belt I am wearing was one of the first belts I bought when I first moved to NYC back in 2002.  I was broke and on a vintage, goodwill kick aways finding the best pieces.  What I look for?  Longevitiy.  I see further fashion vision with items and I keep them for years and years and years.

aaaand...  here is a mini picture adventure from the evening.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventures in Vintage

 This is a classic example of what happens when I see things I like... I start stacking them.  Headband, belt as necklace, scarf as wrist cuff...  it totally doesn't work but I rocked it like it did!

It's that time again!   Here's yet another adventure at the Melrose Trading Post.  My favorite sunday destination.  Each time I go I see something new, different, exciting, and inspiring.  Sometimes I'm only in a furniture mood, sometimes a trinkets mood,  it all depends. 

I've been a flea market shopping since 2000. I love it.  I love old things.  I love history. I love to be inspired.  And if I can share that energy with you, excite you, and inspire you? Then my day is fulfilled!

Enjoy the pictures and  inspiration.

Laurie Loves: Catherine Malandrino... AGAIN! (...with Video!)

Yes. Again.

Why?  Because after cutting my video of her LA fashion show at her La Cienega Store Maison, I started to write down all the brilliant words coming out of this fashion designers lips.  And let me tell you... these are words to remember.   So I'd like to share them all with you:

Here are my favorite quotes and musings from 
Catherine Malandrino:

"I was thinking about wrapping fabric in a different way that feels very effortless."

"I think every one should own some dress in a crochet."

"I want to go into an experimental nomadic lifestyle where a woman is free to travel the world and express her own personality through clothes and through their travels"

"I love the vest that look like jewelry pieces.  They become not just the clothes but they become an accessory."

"It is the idea of making it effortless but beautiful at the same time."

"I like the idea that the woman has to stay elegant, like a queen."

"At this moment I am more inspired of Polynesian beauty like the beautiful and timeless femininity of the Polynesians girls. "
"Every woman needs to have chiffon dresses in her wardrobe."

"I love to give a timeless quality to clothes."

(shot by my flipcam)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh Karl, Karl, Karl....

(All pictures courtesy of

Oh Karl Lagerfeld. You are so brilliant. But please tell me.  Why do you send a 70+ look collection down the runway.   You are brilliant, mad, genius, but there are just SOO many ideas and themes that I am not sure where to lay my fashion loyalties.    Is it to the soft disco throwback that reminds me so much of Vintage Angelica Houston?  Or perhaps the suede, paisley and textured hippy chic. (I happily omitted the pictures...) Or even the bohemian rock goddess.

  Here are my favorite looks from his yes... 70+ look collection for Resort 2011. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Laurie Loves: Catherine Malandrino in Los Angeles

Catherine Malandrino with close friend Kiesha Whitaker

Oh I do! I do!  She not only is she beautiful and her collection is always beyond my expectations, Catherine possibly has the most beautiful, whimsical, romantic and mesmerizing voice I have ever heard.  Everything she says with her french accent is not only brilliant but she oozes femininity.  Which is only appropriate as her love affair with style (as she puts it), gives her the desire design clothing for women.  Feminine, sensual, powerful, beautiful.   

I was lucky enough for the second year in a row to get a front row seat to watch a Catherine Malandrino runway show, with host Catherine herself here in Los Angeles.  A finale to the La Cienega Design Quarter event that took place this past weekend.  Here's a bit of a photo adventure of the day!

I've completed my bigger story! Click here for and read about the Vintage Lineage talk at the Lee Stanton Gallery and the runway show that commenced after.  (oh and there is video too...)