Monday, March 29, 2010

What I Wore: Simply Stylist

(My first Wireimage picture!!  Cool huh??)

Ruffle tiered skirt:  Bebe
Tank: Heritage 1981
Jacket: Rodarte for Targe
Chainlink Necklace:  Mia-D
Black necklace with aqua pendent: Target
Shoes:  Sonia Rykiel for H&M
Handbag: Club Monaco
Hair:  Sully from Harroin Salon

Juice Drink: Vita Coco... Yum!

What I Wore: BoxEight

(picture from Neekoh of Live Love LA)

On the verge of being sick.  This was my last night out until the tuesday after. But a fun night hanging out with the girls!

Cowl neck blouse: Aqua
Tux Jacket: Club Monaco
Floral Necklace: Antrhopologie
Earrings: Forever 21
Shorts (not seen): Johnson
Shoes(not seen): Betsey Johnson
Purple Handbag: Betsey Johnson

LA Fashion Week. A contemplation.

 (Front row at Directive's West Runway show)

Since I moved back to Los Angeles, LA Fashion week has consistently been a whirlwind experience.  With back to back events for more than just a “week”.  Last season it was joked that LA fashion week was actually “La fashion Month”.  And appropriately so, as literally I had events 6-7 nights out of the week from October 8th until November 1st. This season was much smaller.  Smaller productions are stepping up to the plate to fill the gap of the once single organized fashion week.  And we end up with small pockets of events.  Each event with potential, redeeming qualities and a vision of the LA fashion week future.   But the biggest question that runs through my head is....Why are these people not banding together to give LA one big fashion week?  A possibly unanswerable question.  Last season I wrote an article addressing this and that was not well received.  But I think months later I still stick to my theory about this City needing one strong New Yorker to give LA the boot camp like treatment the New York fashion industry has and whip it into shape.  The minds behind LA Fashion Week, BoxEight, Beverly Hills Fashion week (once called DowntownLA fashion week) and the new: Concept need to get together and band forces.  You’d think with us all wanting a strong, proud LA fashion week, that this would be an easy task.   But sadly it is not.  With Strong opinions,  creative differences and separate business visions. It could be an impossible task.  Hence the “one tough New Yorker” theory that I have come up with.  Could I be that person?  One day. I’m still sifting through the issues and information to figure out how to analyze what we can do to fix this. 

I’m brewing up an idea.... An article based idea.  One article a week on devoted to interviewing these production companies.  Finding out everything from their vision, their wants, their needs and also why we can work together...  or can we?   That’s what I want to find out.  

It’s just an idea.  It’s brewing....  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I Wore - Directive's West First.LA Runway and Sonnet's Gig

This shot was taken early at Sonnet's as we prepped for her gig that evening.
Than I ran downtown for Directive's West First.LA runway show, then back to West Hollywood to catch my girl rock the house!  Standing room only!

Black satin dress:  A gift from Modcloth
Knit moto jacket: A gift from AlpineStars
Zebra belt: Club Monaco
Earrings: Forever 21
Peacock Feather: Thrifted Melrose flea market
Apple necklace: Betsey Johnson
Watch: Michele Diamond Deco
Wrist bracelet: Uni magnetic chain
Chunky bangles: Thrifted Melrose flea market
Shoes: Montreal purchase. Don't remember where ;)

And onto the rest of the evening... Sonnet's Gig at Molly Malones!

What I Wore - What Goes Around Comes Around Anniversary event

WGACA's Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione ...and moi!

Dress: Meghan
Bow belt: taken from a navy jacket of mine
Heart bag:  bought in Greece at a flea market
Earrings: forever 21
Apple Necklace: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit navy platforms.

Click here for a story about this fav event!

Here's what I wore to the store opening 1 year ago!

Friday, March 19, 2010

What I Wore - FGI-LA Designer and the Muse Event

(Kinya, moi and Sydne Summer from

Dress: Liberty of London for Target
Belt: Betsey johnson
Earrings: Forever 21
Watch: Michele Deco Diamond
Bracelet: Uni magnetic chain
Stuffed clutch: Hobo
Shoes: NYC Thrifted

Styling:  The dress was a maxi lengh but I just bought it that day and with no time to hem... instead I tied a sarong style knot on one side took the excess fabric from the other, including the lining and pined it up so that it draped in the front.  Worked out great.  But didn't really photo so well.. hmmm..

PS.... For the record....these are not the best pictures of me...  Face= cute. Dress fit= isn't lookin' as good as I remembered when I walked out the door...

Click here for a full review of the evening!
(Designer Oliver Tolentino (center), his muse and moi!)
 Amy, Kinya, moi, Sydne, Tiffany (click on the names for twitter accounts. You too can follow the fashion fun!!)
(shot by the lovely Kelsi the Dedicated Follower of Fashion)
Love this pic!  Me, Sydne, and Tiffany

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I Wore - GenArt Alumni Celebration

Nikoleta of Livelovela, Kelsi of Dedicated Follow of Fashion, and moi!
(pic:  "le-rocker" for Kelsi of Dedicated Follower of Fashion)

A fab evening at the Tropicana in the Roosevelt hotel!  All my LAFW 2.0 lovelies were their to join in on the fashion fun!

So what am I wearing?  good question!    
Dress: Banana Republic
Earrings: Forever 21
Belt: Vintage (I found it in a box of belts!)
Watch:  Michele Diamond Deco 

moi, Lisa from Racked LA, Nicoleta from LiveLoveLA & Friend
Back view ;)
(It's got my name on it.  wha-what!)

(All pics by Kelsi the Dedicated Follower of Fashion)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Post-it Notes

At the E.P.I.C grand opening party this past Saturday one of the main attractions was the wall of Post-it note art on sale for Charity with 100% of the proceeds going to Million Trees LA.  This one may have been my favorite.  Why?  Because it makes me laugh.

Friday, March 12, 2010

LAFW 2.0 a fashionable blogger shindig

Last night was LA's first of hopefully many LA Fashion blogger's meet up, greet up and talk fashion up, style get together.  Aptly called LA Fashion Week Two point oh!  Fabulously planned by Kelsi Smith, (@stylesmith and Dedicated Follower of Fashion) we all met up downtown at the hip Broadway Bar.   

It was truly incredible to put faces to so many twitter names I know, chat with and avidly follow.   Every girl was wonderful, beautiful, friendly, and on top of their fashion game.  Being surrounded but LA's fashion finest, I say.  

Here's a couple more of me ;)
 Laurie (LaurieBStyle), Ana (Anamu) Kallah (Emerald Scarab)

Laurie (LaurieBStyle), Sandra D (Debutante Clothing) Kelsi (Dedicated Follower of Fashion)  ...again ;D

(Oh and if you actually get this far down:  I'm wearing an H&M Dress, an Aldo belt I stole..permanently... from my best friend Hani...hehe... , Forever 21 earrings, a Hobo ruffle clutch and Betsey Johnson black platforms.)

Loving: Tamara Mellon

No joke.  This is insanely belated and deserved a mention and shout two days ago.  But in anycase. Here we are. It's friday already and I'm playing catch up.

I love Tamara Mellon. Tour de Force behind the ever so famous Jimmy Choo.  Actually she's the one responsible for that.  Let me tell you,  she is stunning in person, incredibly sweet and gracious and decked in the most to-die-for YSL leopard dress and Jimmy Choo heels of course!

Macala from and I enjoyed an afternoon at the Grove Nordstrom, shopping for the newly launched Choo 24/7 collection...well sort of.  Choo 24/7 is the newest Jimmy Choo collection that features seasonless investment staples that can take a women day to night and season to season.  Heels with longevity, love it.  The highlight of the day?  Snagging a quick word (and picture!) with the Lovely Ms Mellon. When asked about what inspires her, Tamara simply said she wants to empower women. 

I'm with her! There is nothing more mood lifting than putting on the most incredible heel and walking down the street with the feeling you can conquer the world.

ps:  I'm wearing my new Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Mesh tattoo print tee and Black mini dress.  HOT.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Loving: Isabel Marant


I not only love her Fall 2010 Collection but I am so appreciative of her perpsective on the current speed and state of the fashion industry.

Isabel Marant: "For me, fashion shows are not for the public, they are trade shows for the press. There should be privacy and mystery. There is no excitement about anything anymore as everything is available immediately and all the time — you don’t have to wait for anything. I don’t belong to the generation of spending time on the Internet. I think it’s too fast and too fake. It’s sad because everyone is running after everything, but after what? Everything is too quick. There is no room in your heads for all this information. No one retains anything." [Grazia UK]

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this.  Who's with me?!

If I were going to the Oscars... Redo...

You know me,  I'm all for the unusual, the beat to your own drummer and the all out rule breaker.  And for those reason.... Nicole Richie is my best dressed of the Acadamy Awards!

Nicole worked an all over beaded Reem Acra dress and it's not your typical Oscar gown. Hallelujah! No fluff, no frills, no pink no ruffles.  Instead it's exactly what I predicted to be the strongest of the bunch. And to me, this is the strongest.  Sleek, structured and allover metallic. Gorgeous.

I recant my last post.  If I went to the Oscars, I would wear this!   Now I just need to be a size 2 to fit in to it.   Ha!

(pics: wireimage)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

If I were going to the Oscars....

I would wear this dress from Preen Fall 2010. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What we wore

(photo: Stefanie Keenan)

My friend Katy and I joined the artsy types and took to art walk saturday night.  What was supposed to be us just covering the Taylor de Cordoba Gallery opening of Kimberly Brooks "The Stylist Project", turned into a fun adventure with new friends, crafter artwork and a return to the "simpler times".. beer.

Katy and I both crafted art gallery opening outfits.  What do you think?  Mine is a concoction of black tights, steve madden purple boots, a target tie dye tee, a Joie ruffle blouse, a Yaya denim jacket and my Matthew Williamson for H&M Clutch.  Katy on the other hand wore her Rodarte for Target Cardi and matching camisole, (so cute!) and toughened it up with her leather shoulder back, gucci-esque belt, skinny jeans and vintage boots.  

Enjoy some of Katy's photography from the evening below.  click here to see the rest!

Meet Tanner Horn

Meet Tanner Horn.  Probably one the most interesting and coolest people I have ever met.  With a fashion style that is ripe for inspiring and a surprisingly calm demeanor, you can't not help but be-friend him.     He's definitely one of those people who walk down the street and leaving you wondering who they are.   We met last summer at a Great Gatsby party downtown.  I'm a big fan of his music, his live shows will not leave you disappointed and with exciting things happening on the horizon, Tanner is definitely one to watch.

His band the Sextronauts has a music and art installation at SLOW on Melrose.  Definitely one of my favorite vintage stores.  You can read a full story on with more details, an Editor-in-Chic flair, and of course one of my famed pictures adventures.