Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventures in Vintage

 This is a classic example of what happens when I see things I like... I start stacking them.  Headband, belt as necklace, scarf as wrist cuff...  it totally doesn't work but I rocked it like it did!

It's that time again!   Here's yet another adventure at the Melrose Trading Post.  My favorite sunday destination.  Each time I go I see something new, different, exciting, and inspiring.  Sometimes I'm only in a furniture mood, sometimes a trinkets mood,  it all depends. 

I've been a flea market shopping since 2000. I love it.  I love old things.  I love history. I love to be inspired.  And if I can share that energy with you, excite you, and inspire you? Then my day is fulfilled!

Enjoy the pictures and  inspiration.


  1. nice post - it's fun to see my tables at the market!

  2. wow, that huge chain like necklace you're wearing is amazing! i loveee it!