Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Hair Transformation. Part 1 - All over dye

Hello before and after.   I typically dye my hair bright red every six months.  It washes out super fast but I still keep doing it.  Actually I've been dying my hair every six months since 1998.  I guess that is what happens when you leave home for college and true independence takes it's reigns.  Well I've never done blue or anything, but I've mastered dying my own hair from a $9.00 box.  And that is something to be said for!

What my color?  It's the same color I've used for years.  L'oreal Feria Color #56 Brilliant Bordeaux
The funny thing is:  I've been using this color since they first launched it with Milla Jovovich as the hair color model. (UPDATE:  Actually it was number #67 that Milla Covered and I used to wear! I think I lost my color way some years ago after they replaced Milla's face.  Shame on them...   I guess I know what I'm doing next with my hair...)

Stay tuned!  Part two is coming up!  The Haircut!

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