Friday, May 28, 2010

The Hair Transformation. Part 2: Hairroin Salon

So I totally planned for having a video of this whole process and after reviewing the footage, I've decided that...  Pictures are a better representation.   Especially considering there was something significantly wrong with the video sound quality and I sounded like I had a lisp.   Hilarious!

In anycase.   Something I've always known about myself is that I am extremely impulsive about my hair.  On the day that I feel that I need to change it,  I absoutely MUST do it that day.  It's one of those funny psychological reactions that happen when in life you feel like your stuck about something and you need to change, but you can't change?  Guess what can?  Your hair.  It's true for me.  How about for you all?

 That actually wasn't the case on this particular hair cut day.  Let's cut to a March... Me at the simply stylist event.  Remember this?  click here.  I was oh so fortunate enough to get a free (FREE!) haircut by the amazing Sully who was there with Harrioin Salon.  She gave me the best cut I have ever had.  And when those bangs started to grow out (before picture...) it was time to go get an amazing cut again!  And Sully totally out did herself!     

I wanted bangs, I wanted a pop of neon color (inspired my my friend Bekah who died her hair hot pink for Purim... yes... Purim... the Jewish Halloween) and I wanted to be edgy. Ask and ye shall recieve!    So what do you guys think of my new do?

Thank you to Janine Jarmon from Hairroin Salon for letting me take some pictures and have a fun morning adventure!   I recommend you swing by! Call  323-467-0392 to make an appointment and visit the website at

Here are some more pictures from the day!  Enjoy!  ...and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 
Sully and me! 
 Janine Jarmon (From Shear Genius Season 3) and me! 

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  1. You look so effing adorable, Laurie! She did an amazing job with the bangs. And your color is meant to be.
    I'm loving Sully's cut, too! Next time I decide to chop it all off, I'm gonna bring in a picture of her hair to my stylist. <3