Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NYC: forever keeping a piece of my heart

Mott street with the Empire State Building in the cloudy distance

I love Fall in New York City.  The winter brisk air, the damp cobblestone streets, the last of the colored leaves, the farmers market, and the ever constant hustle and bustle of the sidewalks.  I just love it. Having lived there for 7 years, New York truly holds a piece of my heart.  And after this trip, I've realized that I need to start working on this bicoastal life....

This trip in particular I took as a real vacation.  And while I was in the fashion capital I made a point to shut down my fashion senses and just enjoy my surroundings, my city romping and of course my best friends.  Yes, I did some shopping.  I couldn't help it. But Instead of taking pictures of the fashion.  I took pictures of the nooks and crannies that make this city so beautiful in my eyes.

I hope you enjoy my Fall New York City photo montage.  I'll have to get some pictures from my friends because I do not have one picture of me. I didn't take one shameless self portrait!  Which is surprising because, if you know me... that's my thing...

Fashionably yours,
Laurie B


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