Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fashion Radar: Shoulder Chains.

Rihanna. (pic:fashionising.com)

Ah Rihanna, always a step ahead of the game.  Now that I have shoulder details on my fashion radar from before, I'm noticing the next evolution that is just grazing the fashion savvy and working its way towards the everyday fashion vernacular. As we've seen over the last couple seasons... with special thanks to Balmain, Michael Jackson, and now Rihanna, sharp shoulders have made their way back into our closets and are the "new" big idea in fashion.  An 80's revival of sorts.  Resonating back to the powersuits and shoulder padded jackets of yesteryear.  But this time, almost 20 years later, there is something shaper, sophisticated, futuristic and all powerful woman about our new shoulder details.   Most wearable being the plain sharp shoulder which has already trickled into into the mass market stores.   So after the Studded shoulder evolved out of the shape shoulder, what's the next update?  Shoulder chains.  Duh..  Just kidding. ( I can't expect you to know that! That's why you're here with me!)

And now that it is on my fashion radar, I've been noticing it in the most fashionable of places.  Would you rock the shoulder chain?  It's definitely an easier trend to grasp that the spike studs spawned by Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Adam Lambert.

Stay tuned for the follow up!  I'm brewing it as I type!

Fashionably yours,
Laurie  B

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