Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fashion mention by Mom: Sam Edelman "Dawson" studded flats

Sam Edelman "Dawson Studded flats at Bloomingdales

My mom knows me SO well.  I'll admit there was definitely a time where she said "black" and I yelled  "white".  She said "scoop neck" and I yelled "Vneck". And of course she said "medium length skirt" and I screamed "short".  But as I have really come into my fashion own, my mom and I are now on the same fashion page with my style.  Or at least she accepts what I prefer and understands my creative process for it all.  And with, that she's always looking out for me.   The shoes above were today's fashion mention by mom.   Thanks Mom!

Lo and behold, I just had written an article for about Turquoise being the "it" color for the Year 2010 and she was right on the mark.  White, "LA year round", T-strappy, gladiator style Sam Edelman Sandals with Gunmetal beads and turquoise stone accents.   Cool.   Buy those now?  Wear them during the LA Spring time: January and Feb.  Take that New Yorkers...

Time to get Spring shopping already!  Resort is already in the stores!

Fashionably yours,
Laurie B

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