Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The POSHGLAM Covergirl

When I first moved back to Los Angeles from New York I started up two writing gigs.  One of Examiner.com as the LA Women's Style Examiner and a second for the fashion website POSHGLAM.com.   Well back in June, I think, POSHGLAM threw an LA Launch party at the Club Ecco in Hollywood.  Not POSHGLAM's fault at all, but the party was lost in the sea of random club dancers and bachelorette parties.   And funnily enough, a friend of mine kept getting hit on by women and now vehemently refuses to wear boyfriend jeans ever again. (and made a lovely comment about that on my my old "boyfriend Jeans" Examiner article.)  She may have been upset, but I still think it's hilarious!   But back to the party.  So I'm closing up my tab and running for the hills because this was really not my scene and  I finally find the POSHGLAM camera guy and I said, "Hey! Grab my picture!" and the rest is history!  And months later I re-appear front and center for POSHGLAM's New York Dinner party.   I'm definitely doing the red carpet over the shoulder look.   And I really love my outfit that night.  It was a Betsey Johnson white satin jacket I have had since 2004 and the top is actually the Matthew Williamson for H&M scarf I acquired in a shopping mayhem this past May. And I think I paired that with shorts....I think.   Either way I'm sure I was rocking some bangin' shoes!

Well thanks POSHGLAM for making me your cover girl...even though I don't write for you anymore.  Should I be getting paid for that? Just kidding...

Fashionably yours,
Laurie B

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