Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lace leggings... the Megan Fox test drive

I'm a lady of my word, right?   So I decided to take the Megan Fox lace leggings with a heather grey sweater look out for a test drive this past weekend.   Results?  Pretty cool actually! Lots of turned heads, inquisitive eyes, and even tons of compliments!  Both men and women alike, dig this look! And men especially! Mostly because they love the lace tights, but can I blame them? They look pretty hot.

But I had to do this the Laurie B Style way.  So I paired my last years Express black lace tights with my Alice and Olivia peep toe rock booties.  Then up top, I'm wearing a 4 year old Sweeties white tank dress, topped with my new BCBG short sleeve sweater and a Betsey Johnson leopard embossed belt.  For Jewelry,  I'm wearing vintage bangles from the Melrose flea market, a to-die-for Michele Watch and my earrings are from H&M, like 3 years ago.  Gotta love those items that outlast the sands of time!   

I am all about mixing the old with the new and the inexpensive with the expensive.  This is how you create a well balanced, creative and effortlessly chic look. But always put your own twist on an inspiration. Because, while I took my inspiration from Megan Fox, this new look is all me!

Fashionably yours,
Laurie B

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