Sunday, November 15, 2009

I knew I loved this picture...

Okay so when first saw this picture last week I knew there was just something about it that made me 1) jealous of Dakota 2) dying to wear leopard and 3) wondering, who makes this dress??

Well the mystery has been solved.  As my Teen Vogue arrived at my doorstep on Friday, I immediately flipped to the Dakota spread that I loved so much and discovered the best news I think I've ever read!   This dress is...  RODARTE FOR TARGET!   Which means that it will be in Target this December!

The interesting thing, is that with all the Rodarte for Target pictures surfacing on the web this leopard dress has seemed to elude all the photographers, bloggers and fashion obsessed.  But not me...

I wish I knew more about this dress.   It looks like a printed sweater dress with some type of fleck of metallic.  And it can be styled in so many ways.  Of course I love the glam necklace paired with the dress as Dakota wears.  But think about the versatility.  You could wear it plain, you could wear it with tights, with boots, with socks and open toe heels, with a high waisted skirt on top, with a belt or even with an elongated cardigan and a belt.   But you could really go all out if you did it all together.  Black elongated cardigan, a box weave leather belt,  burgundy colored tights and black open toed fringe heels.   hmmm... So many options to play with.

Well regardless of not knowing much about this dress.  I do know one thing.  I will be at Target first thing in the morning to buy it and put it into its proper home.  My closet.

Fashionably yours,
Laurie B

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