Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Fifth Element: a fashion re-emergence at the AMA's 2009

Plavalaguna meets Lady Gaga

Lilu (Milla Jovovich) meets Rihanna

 At the American Music Awards we all witnessed the vision of future fashion come true.  Jean Paul Gaultier's costumes from the Fifth Element have made their way to the AMAs!

Remember the 1997 Bruce Willis movie The Fifth Element? A story about a future society, the end of the world and the kick ass woman (aka: Milla Jovovich) who holds the key to saving it?   Well.. tonight I almost died and went to fashion heaven when I saw Lady Gaga and Rihanna perform.   Lady Gaga is seriously channeling Plavalaguna and Rihanna has taken the Lilu bandage jumper to a whole new level!

Since the costumery for The Fifth Element was envisioned and designed by the incredible Jean Paul Gautlier, we end up with an interesting fashion analyzation.  Did JPG predict the future of fashion... or did he influence it?  Actually both are correct in my eyes.  He did envision the future and he interpreted it into costumes that are futuristic, other worldly and all innovative.  But by giving us that vision 12 years ago he most definitely influenced our thinking today. And now we see the prediction meet the influence and come to life.   Jean Paul Gaultier's vision of the future has officially emerged off the sci-fi screen of the past and into the streets of the today. Amazing.  I love fashion.

 Well, I know what I am wearing for Halloween next year!  Time to stalk up on white bandages.

Fashionably yours,

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