Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meet Tanner Horn

Meet Tanner Horn.  Probably one the most interesting and coolest people I have ever met.  With a fashion style that is ripe for inspiring and a surprisingly calm demeanor, you can't not help but be-friend him.     He's definitely one of those people who walk down the street and leaving you wondering who they are.   We met last summer at a Great Gatsby party downtown.  I'm a big fan of his music, his live shows will not leave you disappointed and with exciting things happening on the horizon, Tanner is definitely one to watch.

His band the Sextronauts has a music and art installation at SLOW on Melrose.  Definitely one of my favorite vintage stores.  You can read a full story on Examiner.com with more details, an Editor-in-Chic flair, and of course one of my famed pictures adventures.  

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