Monday, March 29, 2010

LA Fashion Week. A contemplation.

 (Front row at Directive's West Runway show)

Since I moved back to Los Angeles, LA Fashion week has consistently been a whirlwind experience.  With back to back events for more than just a “week”.  Last season it was joked that LA fashion week was actually “La fashion Month”.  And appropriately so, as literally I had events 6-7 nights out of the week from October 8th until November 1st. This season was much smaller.  Smaller productions are stepping up to the plate to fill the gap of the once single organized fashion week.  And we end up with small pockets of events.  Each event with potential, redeeming qualities and a vision of the LA fashion week future.   But the biggest question that runs through my head is....Why are these people not banding together to give LA one big fashion week?  A possibly unanswerable question.  Last season I wrote an article addressing this and that was not well received.  But I think months later I still stick to my theory about this City needing one strong New Yorker to give LA the boot camp like treatment the New York fashion industry has and whip it into shape.  The minds behind LA Fashion Week, BoxEight, Beverly Hills Fashion week (once called DowntownLA fashion week) and the new: Concept need to get together and band forces.  You’d think with us all wanting a strong, proud LA fashion week, that this would be an easy task.   But sadly it is not.  With Strong opinions,  creative differences and separate business visions. It could be an impossible task.  Hence the “one tough New Yorker” theory that I have come up with.  Could I be that person?  One day. I’m still sifting through the issues and information to figure out how to analyze what we can do to fix this. 

I’m brewing up an idea.... An article based idea.  One article a week on devoted to interviewing these production companies.  Finding out everything from their vision, their wants, their needs and also why we can work together...  or can we?   That’s what I want to find out.  

It’s just an idea.  It’s brewing....  

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