Friday, March 12, 2010

LAFW 2.0 a fashionable blogger shindig

Last night was LA's first of hopefully many LA Fashion blogger's meet up, greet up and talk fashion up, style get together.  Aptly called LA Fashion Week Two point oh!  Fabulously planned by Kelsi Smith, (@stylesmith and Dedicated Follower of Fashion) we all met up downtown at the hip Broadway Bar.   

It was truly incredible to put faces to so many twitter names I know, chat with and avidly follow.   Every girl was wonderful, beautiful, friendly, and on top of their fashion game.  Being surrounded but LA's fashion finest, I say.  

Here's a couple more of me ;)
 Laurie (LaurieBStyle), Ana (Anamu) Kallah (Emerald Scarab)

Laurie (LaurieBStyle), Sandra D (Debutante Clothing) Kelsi (Dedicated Follower of Fashion)  ...again ;D

(Oh and if you actually get this far down:  I'm wearing an H&M Dress, an Aldo belt I stole..permanently... from my best friend Hani...hehe... , Forever 21 earrings, a Hobo ruffle clutch and Betsey Johnson black platforms.)


  1. Oh I love the first pic of us - not so crazy about the last one though :\

    So fun to meet you finally!

  2. such a fun night. glad to have met you!

  3. Glad we got a picture together that night! Missed one of us at the EPIC party...let me know if you find any from the photogs that were floating around!

  4. Hi! Didn't get to meet you but I was there later on! Everyone looked so stylish :)