Friday, April 23, 2010


Numbers...  What do they mean anyway right?  30 is just a number.... a seemingly big number... but just a number.   Frankly I feel and look (thanks to years of protective moisturizing), forever 21... especially as the bartender at the Village Idiot carded me last night.  (sweet.)  

In the last ten years of my life as my life has evolved, so has my creative love for fashion.  Having lived in Bloomington, Indiana for the early years of my 20s, I was influenced by vintage and DIY apparel. Living in NYC taught me to take my fashion to the next level.  Sophistication, class, perfection, and 6 in heels as a life constant.  And in my final year of my 20s I have planted my roots in Los Angeles and discovered that my love for vintage and my New York sophisticated perfection have actually merged into the chic, ever stylish and always put together lady you know as.... Laurie B Style. 

My soul always told me big things are ahead... and as 30 is the new 20 starting today....  I'd say the journey has just begun. 

Onwards and always upwards!   Cheers to another 10, nay 70 years of my beautiful, inspiring and fashionable life.


  1. Cheers indeed! Happy birthday, fabulous!

    Live Love LA

  2. Happy 30th Birthday!! Big number indeed. Here's to another great decade. I'll be joining those ranks in just a few months myself.