Monday, April 19, 2010

The Fashion Frontline - Let the competition begin!

Photographer: Katy Abramson

The Fashion Frontline
A Semi-Annual Blogger Style Challenge

That's right!  And I will be competing in the inaugural challenge!  8 bloggers, 5 looks, 5 weeks, 1 winner.  Week 1 is quickly approaching and my amazing friend Katy and I took to the streets to create our first set of photos.  The Spring "work look".  Above is just a teaser... you'll have to wait to see the whole look when the competition launches in May! It's up to you the fans, followers and fashion lovas to vote on who has the best look.  In the mean time, each blogger will be introduced, prior to the start date.  So look out for yours truly on

Make sure to follow @theFashionFront on twitter for all the news and updates!

And of course...  Meet my competition!
Kelsi; Dedicated Follower of Fashion

♥ DWJ; The Art of Accessories

♥ Lindsey; Saucy Glossie

♥ Katy Rose; Modly Chic

♥ Marlene; StyleSizzle

♥ Bren; So Much Pretty


  1. Man, this is gonna be one tough competition with all these stylish ladies! Best of luck to you all!

    Live Love LA

  2. You're so going to win me, I know it. But go ahead and BRING IT ONNNNN!!