Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Week Manifesto!

Altuzarra Fall 2010 (pic: style.com)

I'm not sure about some of you other fashionista's out there but I have become very overwelhmed with the amount of coverage happening for New York Fashion Week.  Perhaps, you are not like me, with a full fashion twitter feed, 50 fashion websites and blogs I follow, and even facebook infiltrations. (ps...I liked when facebook was for people, not businesses... but fine, it's evovled.)  Bottom line, this postitive chick is feeling SO over it all.  I can't believe I'd ever say that. And we are only a half a week down of New York fashion week, but then their's London, Milan and Paris! So instead of following the mass crowds, writing frantically to get news up and articles up about shows that happened literally minutes before.  I've decided to take a different approach.  I'm brewing up a mini project that I will reveal Monday next week.  So we are going to let New York Fashion week and all of it's devout followers have their day and then it'll be mine! 

But for now, stay tuned for a NYFW review of the most surprisingly exciting collections.

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