Monday, January 11, 2010

Loving: RM Roland Mouret

Amber Valetta in RM Roland Mouret

Orange is an extremely tough color to wear.  Especially in it's truest color: Crayola crayon orange. And yes, it is possible that everything looks incredible on Amber Valetta, thus negating this theory.  But in any case,  my fashion radar has increasingly been gravitating toward body hugging, Victoria Bekham-esque style.  Not so much for myself but there is something so chic about simplistic structure. Perhaps there has been an overkill of fashion excess in the stylish masses and this return to simplistic chic style is whats looking more exciting right now.   Well Roland Mouret is the king of that and my monday status is: I am loving it.

(Oh does that make me a McDonald's Commercial? .. add your own melody of choosing to the words... ba da ba ba baaaa... )

Fashionably yours,

ps.  check out some of my favorite looks from the Roland Mouret Spring 2010 collection. (pics:

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