Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Loving: Jessica Alba in Antonio Berardi

Jessica Alba in the portrait studio of the People's Choice Awards 2010 (pic:

One word.  Loving.

The neckline rocks my world,  the silver and green brocade are divine and the color against Jessica's tan (maybe too tan??) skin and dark hair are perfection. 

I'll be dreaming of brocade tonight...

Fashionably yours,
Laurie B


  1. What's not to like about this photo of Jessica. She makes the dress look good as I do not think these is any fabric in the world that can make her any more beautiful than she is naturally. A pleasure to watch a true vision quest.

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  3. Ah! True True, she is naturally stunning. As an Image Consultant I look at factor's other than her beauty that create a harmony in the picture. Color, shape, curvature etc. It's all beautiful. Thanks for the Comment Phumbo!